Skilling up Edit

Cookies to 102 Edit

  • Cookies:
Clump of Dough

Notes: Cookies yay!

Clump of Dough can be made many WAYS, but the easiest is combining a Bottle of Milk, Cup of Flour (both can be bough from Culkin Ironstove of the eastern trade building, PoK), and Basilisk Egg, most easily farmed in Lavastorm Mountains, outside of the Wayfarer's camp, but there are other ZONES were basilisks can be found.

Frosting and Spices can also be found on good old Culkin Ironstove. What a nice man.

Smoked Brell's Bounty Stew to 250 Edit

  • Smoked Brell's Bounty Stew:
Smoked Brell's Bounty
Water Flask

Notes: Pot (You'll only need one) can be easily made by yourself or some potter you may find. If your a DIY kind of tradeskiller, click HERE for more information.

Smoked Brell's Bounty needs four subcombines.

  • First make Prepared Brell's Bounty by combining Brell's Bounty and a Water Flask (trivial 68).
  • Second make some Smoking Sauce by combining Garlic, Spices, Vinegar (all found on Cook Kosey of Crescent Reach), with Vegetable Oil. (Brewing trivial of 62)
  • Thirdly, Vegetable Oil is made by combining Vegetable and Water Flask (Brewing trivial of 102).
  • Fourthly, Vegetables can be made by combining Carrot, Lettuce and Turnip (all bought from Merchant Oseye of Crescent Reach) (No-Fail trivial of 15 in a mixing bowl).

Combine the Prepared Brell's Bounty with the Smoking Sauce in a mixing bowl (trivial 139) to make the Smoked Brell's Bounty.

Grilled Stuffed Brell's Bounty to 402 Edit

  • Grilled Stuffed Brell's Bounty:
Ground Pepper
Hot Red Pepper
Prepared Brells's Bounty

Notes: Cheese can be found on Merchant Oseye of Crescent Reach. Ground Pepper, Hot Red pepper, Onion and, Vinegar can all be found on Cook Kosey, also of Crescent Reach. You should know how to make Prepared Brell's Bounty at this point.

If you think this is far too time/farm intensive, I implore you to give up Baking. All other combines are just as terrifying, in one way or the other. If you know better, please post a recipe or link.

Thanks to Stillwaters, a/k/a arkadykappa, for this guide.