This page is for information about the character classes and races in EQ.

Classes Edit

File:Bard.gif File:Beastlord.gif File:Berserker.gif File:Cleric.gif File:Druid.gif File:Enchanter.gif File:Magician.gif File:Monk.gif
Bard Beastlord Berserker Cleric Druid Enchanter Magician Monk
File:Necromancer.gif File:Paladin.gif File:Ranger.gif File:Rogue.gif File:Shadowknight.gif File:Shaman.gif File:Warrior.gif File:Wizard.gif
Necromancer Paladin Ranger Rogue Shadowknight Shaman Warrior Wizard

Class Names Edit

Level 1 to 50 Level 51 to 54 Level 55 to 59 Level 60 to 64 Level 65 to 69 Level 70 to 74 Level 75 to 95
Bard Minstrel Troubadour Virtuoso Maestro Herald Lyricist
Beastlord Primalist Animist Savage Lord Feral Lord Wildblood Arch Animist
Berserker Brawler Vehement Rager Fury Ravager Juggernaut
Cleric Vicar Templar High Priest Archon Prelate Exemplar
Druid Wanderer Preserver Hierophant Storm Warden Natureguard Stormcaller
Enchanter Illusionist Beguiler Phantasmist Coercer Bedazzler Entrancer
Magician Elementalist Conjurer Arch Mage Arch Convoker Arch Magus Grand Summoner
Monk Disciple Master Grandmaster Transcendent Stone Fist Ashenhand
Necromancer Heretic Defiler Warlock Arch Lich Wraith Deathcaller
Paladin Cavalier Knight Crusader Lord Protector Lord Holy Defender
Ranger Pathfinder Outrider Warder Forest Stalker Plainswalker Huntmaster
Rogue Rake Blackguard Assassin Deceiver Nemesis Shadowblade
Shadow Knight Reaver Revenant Grave Lord Dread Lord Scourge Knight Bloodreaver
Shaman Mystic Luminary Oracle Prophet Soothsayer Spiritwatcher
Warrior Champion Myrmidon Warlord Overlord Vanquisher Imperator
Wizard Channeler Evoker Sorceror Arcanist Grand Arcanist Arch Arcanist

Races Edit

The racial abilities / differences noted here have not all been confirmed.

  • Barbarian - Slam
  • Dark Elf (Teir'Dal) - Ultravision, Hide (max 50)
  • Drakkin - Dragon Breath
  • Dwarf - Infravision
  • Erudite
  • Froglok - Ultravision
  • Gnome - Tinkering tradeskill
  • Half Elf (Ayr'Dal) - Infravision
  • Halfling - Infravision, Sneak / Hide (both max 50 and can't sneak and hide at the same time unless a rogue), 5% Exp bonus (regular xp only)
  • High Elf (Koada'Dal) - Infravision
  • Human
  • Iksar - Infravision, Regeneration, AC bonus, Forage (max 50)
  • Ogre - Immune to frontal melee stun, Slam, Faster Food/Drink Consumption
  • Troll - Infravision, Regeneration, Slam
  • Vah Shir - Infravision, Double food consumption, Safe Fall, Sneak (max 50)
  • Wood Elf (Feir'Dal) - Infravision, Hide (max 50), Forage (max 50)

Changing race Edit

It is now possible to change your race if you pay real life money to SOE. If you change your race the current quests in your journal will be cleared, as well as deity-specific spells, and your character's bind point will be set to Plane of Knowledge. Also, your new race must be one of the allowed races for your class.