Gifts of Steel is a series of quests during the EQ 11th Anniversary. They are solo tasks but SOE considers a group is needed to accomplish them.

Gifts of Steel are a number of quests. There are several for different levels of characters. All of them are called Gifts of Steel.

The reward is the Eleventh Shard of ______, the higher level the task, the better stats on it.

You can do more than one of these and you get to keep each reward. Higher level characters have to shroud down to get the lower level tasks.

There is an 18 hour lockout between the quests.

SOE description Edit

Find a 'flinger' with a special anniversary quest!

Help an overworked apprentice find the perfect gift for his demanding mentor. Karl Kranigan has mentored many gnome wizards in his long career as a builder of great war machines. Now these apprentices wish to honor him with a gift. Seek out the one that is closest to your own skill level and help them find the ingredients to make their gift.

  • Fenworth Iceflinger
  • Gnorble Fireflinger
  • Harte Earthflinger
  • Istod Woodflinger
  • Juston Windflinger
  • Kert Waterflinger
  • Laminth Stoneflinger
  • Myrton Lightningflinger
  • Norten Magmaflinger

Level 5 to 15 Edit

Fenworth Iceflinger 11th Anniversary Quest Giver 5 Everfrost Peaks

Level 15 to 25 Edit

Gnorble Iceflinger 11th Anniversary Quest Giver 15 South Ro

Level 25 to 35 Edit

Harte Iceflinger, 11th Anniversary Quest Giver, in Lavastorm Mountains at the Neriak zone line.

  • 10 kills in Lavastorm, 1 in Stonebrunt

Reward 14 AC + aug

Level 35 to 45 Edit

Istod Iceflinger 11th Anniversary Quest Giver 35 Dawnshroud Peaks

Level 45 to 55 Edit

Juston Iceflinger 11th Anniversary Quest Giver 45 Iceclad Ocean

Level 55 to 65 Edit

Kert Waterflinger, 11th Anniversary Quest, in the Barren Coast at the Toxx zone line.

  • 10 water-soaked ore from Veksar
  • 1 blood engorged steel from Bloodfields

Level 60 to 65 Edit

Laminth Stoneflinger - Noble's Causeway

  • 10 Arcstone Bricks from Arcstone - Dropped by arcstone miner golems. They are around the giant center mountain.
  • 1 Gatebreaker's Mallet from Harbinger's Spire - Dropped by "a dragorn gatebreaker". Not every one has a Mallet.

Reward is Eleventh Shard of Turquoise - AC: 22 HEM: 60 Corrupt: 4

Level 70 to 84? Edit

Given by Myrton Lightningflinger in Oceangreen Hills, next to the zone in from The Void.

  • For the conjurer's stones, you need the girplan conjurers. 5 pop in the room to the upper right of the room where Girplan Shardtender pops. Repop time is pretty fast. They drop a stone every time.
  • For the anvil of hate, you need the blacksmiths who are in the fountain room in Bertox. The anvil drops about 50% of the time.

Reward is the Eleventh Shard of Ruby augmentation: AC 26, HP 70, Mana 70, End 70, Corruption +6. Type 7, 8. Fits all slots except charm, primary, and secondary.

Level 85 Edit

Given by Norton Magmaflinger in Brell's Rest (atop the bridge). Reward 30 AC + aug.

  • 10 items from mobs in Lichen Creep.
  • 1 item from mob in the Steam Factory.

Rewards Edit