Skilling up Edit

I strongly suggest doing this QUEST here before doing JC. Its an easy quest and the end result is a superior 6-slot tradeskill container that can accomplish combines a normal jeweler's kit cannot.

Dwerium Bar to 100 Edit

  • Dwerium Bar:
Gnomish Heat Source
Platinum Bar
Raw Faycite Crystal

Notes: Platinum Bars can be bought from Noirin Khalen of the eastern trade building, PoK. Gnomish Heat Source is bough from Eric Rasumus, by the small bank, PoK. Raw Faycite Crystals are found in THESE zones.

Oh, and save the Dwerium Bars you made, you'll need them later.

Jade Platinum Ring to 250 Edit

  • Jade Platinum Ring:
Platinum Bar

Notes: Platinum Bars can be bought from Audri Deepfacet of the northern trade building, PoK. Jade can be bought from Kirem Deepfacet, next to Audri. And you were just getting used to running around weren't you?

Dwerium Practice Pendant to 306 Edit

  • Dwerium Practice Pendant:
Dwerium Bar
Pendant Mold
Solo Setting Tool

Notes: Mercia of the eastern trade building, PoK, sells the mold and the solo setting tool.

Thanks to Stillwaters, a/k/a arkadykappa, for this guide.