Morell's Castle is a Tier 4 zone in the House of Thule expansion.

Named mobs Edit

Quests Edit

Solo quests Edit

Mercenary of Morell's Castle achievement tasks:

  • A Fair Share - Kill scallywags. Given by: Mrug the Gunner, Requirements: None, Phrase: "kill dem".
  • Bring Me a Dream - Kill sandmen, loot sands. Given by: Alisia Sandweaver, Requirements: None, Phrase: "quest".
  • Candy Caper
  • Clearing the Waterways
  • Controlling the Population

Partisan of Morell's Castle achievement tasks:

  • A Few Buckets of Sand
  • Pookah Safari? or Gouzah Safari (group mission)
  • Pirate's Blues
  • Satyrical Riddles
  • Suspiciously Sweet Treats
  • The Staff Retreat - Requirements: Satyrical Riddles, Gouzah Safari, Pirate's Blues, A Few Buckets of Sand, Suspiciously Sweet Treats

Group mission Edit

Hero of Morell's Castle achievement:

Progression Edit

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In order to enter Morell's Castle you need HoT Tier 4 access, which requires completion of missions obtained in Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 zones.