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Understanding Haste and Overhaste[]

Most of this information from Samanna's Reference Desk.

Haste is the original Melee Focus, and has been in the game since day 1. Haste basically consists of 3 parts. There are a few exceptions to this, but to put it simply Haste is made up from Worn Haste + Haste Spells/Songs + Overcap (a/k/a Overhaste, a/k/a v3 haste).

Worn Haste and Haste spells/normal bard songs have a haste cap of 100%.

Some bard songs have a higher haste cap, at 125%; if you check Lucy you can identify these higher-cap bardsongs with the denotation v3. Example for Eriki's Psalm of Power "Slot 2: Increase Haste v3 by 30%". All Bardsongs with the v3 stacks with worn haste and haste spells, up to 125%. Chanter and Shaman haste spells are generally called "Haste v1".

For example: You have a worn haste of 45% and have Speed of Salik cast upon you which has 68%. You would hit the first cap of 100%. You also find yourself with a bard who is playing Eriki's Psalm of Power that potentially adds another 30% v3 haste which takes you to the second cap of 125% haste, which currently is the highest haste you can receive.

There are many false ideas on how haste actually works, so let me explain the correct way to interpret haste. If you consider your normal attack speed without any type of haste to be 100% of your attack speed, then full haste makes your attack speed 225% in total. This means you attack 125% more times than if you had no haste. With 125% haste you get 125% more attacks in the same time it took you to make one attack with no haste.

An example: You attack your opponent with a Reaver which has a delay of 40 (attacking every 4 seconds). With 100% haste you land 100% more attacks in the same amount of time, and your effective delay will thus be 20 (attacking every 2 seconds). If you had a bard with you who played the v3 haste song you would end up with a delay of 17.4 (attacking every 1.74 seconds).

There are a few items that add overcap haste (overhaste) like the Symbol of the Overlord from Mata Muram and Silverhoop of Speed from Quarm. These have effects with v3 haste and sources indicate that only the highest v3 haste component takes effect, so they would only be beneficial in a group without a bard (even if the other components stack, like regen etc).

There is also a third type of Haste which is called v2, and are from old Velious era bard songs. They are subject to the 100% cap, and could be used to bring people up to the 100% cap even if they had no 41% haste item at the time. V2 haste is now more or less obsolete, but is still in the game.

There is one more type of haste which is a Monk discipline. This directly lowers the delay of weapons and is unaffected by haste stacking rules.

Overhaste songs, AAs, and items[]

Effect Name Percent Type
Ancient Call of Power 30 Bard spell
Aura of the Muse Effect 30 Bard aura
Call of the Muse 30 Bard song
Echo of the Trusik 30 Bard song
Eriki's Psalm of Power 30 Bard spell
Rizlona's Call of Flame 30 Bard song
Yelhun's Mystic Call 30 Bard spell
Aria of the Artist 25 Bard song
Aria of the Poet 25 Bard song
Guardian of the Forest 25 Ranger self only AA (value is between 5% and 25% depending on AAs spent)
Warsong of the Vah Shir 25 Bard song
Frenzied Burnout 20 Mage AA for pet (value is between 15% and 20% depending on AAs spent)
Lycanthropic Growl 20 Mage items haste for pet
Ralkor's Growl 20 Prismatic Arch-Elementalist's Robe - Mage item haste for pet
Ancestral Memories III 16 Band of Encased Lava, Band of Perpetual Stealth, Band of Solidarity, Bazu Bone Collar, Discordant Soulstealer's Collar, Garal`Thel, Ring of the Betrayer, Ikaav Neck Brace,

Pearlescent Ring of Tides, Pendant of Reverie, Ring of the Dreamslayer, Steel Spinal Guard, Tellurian Joint of Potential, Whitemetal Gorget

Aura of Insight 15 Bard aura
Battlecry of the Vah Shir 15 Bard song
Forpar's Verse of Venom 15 Bard spell
Group Guardian of the Forest 15 Ranger group AA (value is between 5% and 15% depending on AAs spent)
Ancestral Memories II 14 Fortaskrei, Ring of Forbearance, Waistguard of Fanatic Devotion
Ancestral Memories 12 Dark Runed Belt, Girdle of Solusek Ro, Gnomish Engineer's Gearloop, Icy Ring of Boreal Essence
Ancient Power 10 Coilsteam Mechanomantle, Moonstone Mind Scepter, Symbol of the Overlord
Taelosian Guard 8 Armethys' Guardian Ring, Authoritative Ring of the Core, Band of Subterfuge, Cloudburst Chainmail Mantle, Elaborate Band of the Devoted, Emerald Ring of Blight, Hagorn's Mithril Doomcaller, Ilsin's Cloak, Ring of Forgotten Ancestors, Ring of Organic Darkness, Ritual Blood Ring, Shiny Green Ring, Signet of the Vokk, Signet Ring of Vokk Raskk, Stormy Pauldrons of Lightning, Thane Ring, Ulkat's Ring of Subterfuge
Primal Guard 5 Darkened Flowing Black Silk Sash, Fabled Silver Hoop of Speed, Flowing Black Silk Sash, Model XIV Face Plate, Prism of Dark Hues, Silver Hoop of Speed, Steamwork Visor