/pet as you were returns the pet to neutral, belaying all prior orders.
/pet attack tells the pet to attack the

current targeted mob.

/pet attack <target> tells the pet to attack the designated <target>.
/pet back off tells the pet to stop

its attack and return to its "/pet guard here" point.

/pet feign allows a Necromancer pet to attempt to Feign Dead (subject to the

Necromancer have the relevant AA)

/pet focus tells the pet to focus on current target
/pet follow me tells the pet to follow you.
/pet get ale Ever seen a drunk pet? It's not a mages fault when a pet is naughty!
/pet get lost kills


/pet guard here tells the pet to guard its current location.
/pet guard me tells

the pet to attack anyone that attacks it's master, or that it's master attacks.


health report

displays the pets health as a percentage.
/pet hold prevents your pet from attacking a mob for any reason until explicitly

told by the owner.  Invaluable for raids.

/pet kill <target> tells the pet to attack the designated <target>
/pet notaunt tells the pet to not taunt its attacker.
/pet no cast toggles between casting and non casting
/pet no taunt tells the pet to not taunt its attacker.
/pet report


displays the pets health as a percentage and also lists all current buffs on pet in text


/pet sit causes the pet to sit down. 
/pet sit down tells pet to sit


/pet stand causes the pet to stand up.
/pet stand up tells pet to stand up.
/pet taunt <on or off> without parameter toggles the taunt on/off, or can state taunt on or

taunt off. 

/pet who leader pet says who is their master.

March 12, 2009 patch message Edit

-Added new pet text based commands. You will now be able to toggle all states off or on, or simply toggle the state with a pet text based command. For example, /pet focus on, /pet focus off, and /pet focus.

- Added a new pet attack command to switch your pet to attack the new target regardless of AA's or level; great for new and low level players. The old command will still exist as qattack.

- Added a pet hold functionality.

- New pet focus + pet hold functionality (call this pet state "pet convergence" ). Now, when you turn on both the focus and hold states, your pet will attack SPECIFICALLY what you want it to and when finished won't attack or aggro or do anything else.

- Improved /pet back off. Fully clears the hate list and stops your pet from doing whatever it was doing before.