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Most newer quests will place a reward in the Quests > Rewards window. The Rewards window can be accessed by the EQ button, Quests, Rewards. A maximum of 10 rewards may be saved in the window.

Original EverQuestEdit

The Planes of PowerEdit

Gates of DiscordEdit

Omens of WarEdit

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Depths of DarkhollowEdit

The Serpent's SpineEdit

The Buried SeaEdit

  • Katta Castrum Portal Quests
    • Portal Activation: Sanctuary
    • Portal Activation: Dangerous Grounds
    • Portal Activation: War Torn Portals

Secrets of FaydwerEdit

Seeds of DestructionEdit

  • Bonus quests. If you tell a Herald in one of the SoD zones, "Special", you may be given a "Bonus" task. This will give you extra chronobines, experience, and faction for completing one of the regular tasks.


These tasks allow you to exchange two raid weapons for a single weapon from the same tier:

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