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Sarith, City of Tides is a Tier 2 zone in the Veil of Alaris expansion.

This zone is linked to Valley of Lunanyn; Beasts' Domain; Rubak Oseka, Temple of the Sea; and The Resplendent Temple. Wizards also have port spells to this zone.

Zone layout[]


Solo quests[]

Kill tasks[]

Partisan tasks[]

Group missions[]


Named mobs[]

The following has been reported but not confirmed:

All the named in Sarith only have one placeholder (PH). Some other zones are like that too. Makes popping them quite tedious.
  • Osekas Chosen Ikallis: PH is the defender on one of the landings at the temple just above the water.
  • Giant Crab: PH is the lone roaming crab south of the temple right along the zone border.
  • Kraken: PH is the roaming squid near the temple. This guy can roam quite abit like Megaladon's PH.