Skilling up Edit

Thalium Plate Cloak Template to 100 Edit

  • Thalium Plate Cloak Template:
Brown Coal
Metal Tempering Chemicals
Plate Cloak Template Mold
Smithy Hammer
Thalium Ore x3

Notes: Brown Coal, MTCs, and the Plate Cloak Template Molds can all be bought from Halena Paerk of the western trade building of PoK. The Smithy Hammer comes from Kanio or Tallis Paerk, in the same room as Halena. Thalium Ore are found in low level ZONES or the bazaar.

Tantalum Studs to 255 Edit

  • Tantalum Studs:
Smithy Hammer
Tantalum Ore

Notes: As you can see this is a very complicated combine. Here's some places you can FIND Tantalum Ore.

Now were did you put that hammer?

Tungsten Chain Belt Template to 315 Edit

  • Tungsten Chain Belt Template:
Chainmail Belt Template Pattern
Lustrous Black Coal
Metal Tempering Chemicals
Smithy Hammer
Tungsten Ore x2

Notes: Chainmail Belt Template Patterns, Lustrous Black Coal, MTCs can all be bought from Halena Paerk. Look for Tungsten Ore HERE.

Thanks to Stillwaters, a/k/a arkadykappa, for this guide.