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Trophies are items that can be placed in a house or guild hall. Some trophies grant benefits when activated using tribute.

There are two main types, Personal and Guild. Personal trophies are placed in your house or on your housing plot and use your personal tribute when active. Guild trophies are placed in your guild hall or guild plot and use the guild tribute when active.

Trophies may be managed through the Plot Items window (Inventory, Plot Items).

Tradeskill trophies are entirely different.


  • Trophy of the Fearful Forest: Maximum benefit - 150 Hit Points and 45 Poison Resist.


Guild trophies were introduced with the Veil of Alaris expansion.

There are two types of guild trophies. One type has no benefits and is just a token of victory. The other type also grants opted-in guild members benefits when it is activated with guild tribute. Up to four trophies may be active at the same time.

The naming system for trophies is confusing. Some trophies with the name "Trophy of ___" have benefits and others do not. Trophies with the name "Empowered Trophy of ___" have benefits but the benefits are listed in the tribute window without the "Empowered" in the name. Some raids will randomly drop either a regular (non-Empowered) trophy with no benefit, or an Empowered one with benefits.

No Benefits

  • Trophy of Hardened Steel
  • Trophy of Icy Shielding
  • Trophy of Order and Law
  • Trophy of War and Flame
  • Trophy of the Ravenous Beast


Veil of Alaris

Non-raid obtainable

Tier 1 raid

Tier 2 raids

Tier 3 raids

Tier 4 raids