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Current hot zonesEdit

As of December 14, 2011:

Recommended Level Zone
20 Crescent Reach
25 Blightfire Moors
30 Great Divide
35 Stonehive
40 Dranik's Scar
45 Goru`kar Mesa
50 Plane of Disease
55 Blackfeather Roost
60 Sunderock Springs
65 The Steppes
70 Vergalid Mines
75 Direwind Cliffs
80 Ashengate
85 Feerrott, the Dream and Korascian Warrens

Keys, flags and zone level requirementsEdit

Many keyed zones from the Ruins of Kunark, Scars of Velious, Shadows of Luclin, Planes of Power, Gates of Discord, Omens of War, Depths of Darkhollow, and Prophecy of Ro have had their key/flag requirements modified. All players that have obtained the key/flag will still be allowed entry into the zones, as will players that have met minimum level requirements for the zones. The zones and minimum level requirements are as follows:

Required Level 46

  • The Howling Stones
  • Old Sebilis
  • Skyshrine to Cobalt Scar

Required Level 55

  • Plane of Storms
  • Plane of Torment
  • Plane of Valor
  • Crypt of Decay
  • Sleeper's Tomb
  • Veeshan's Peak
  • Vex Thal
  • Locked areas of the Temple of Ssraeshza

Required level 57

  • Bastion of Thunder
  • Halls of Honor
  • The Temple of Marr
  • Tower of Solusek Ro
  • Drunder, The Fortress of Zek

Required Level 60

  • Plane of Water
  • Plane of Air
  • Plane of Fire
  • Plane of Earth
  • Ikkinz
  • Uqua
  • Yxtta
  • Kodtaz

Required Level 62

  • Plane of Time
  • Inktuta
  • Qvic

Required Level 65

  • Txevu
  • Tacvi

Required Level 68

  • Anquish
  • Theater of Blood

Required Level 69

  • Riftseekers' Sanctum

Required Level 70

  • Dreadspire
  • Demiplane of Blood

Required Level 72

  • Deathknell

Howling StonesEdit

From the October 8, 2009 patch message:

  • Apparently while performing some end-of-the-summer cleaning, the doors within Howling Stones were left unlocked. It may be some time before a maintenance crew can be sent there again to lock the doors up tight. Use this knowledge as you will.
  • In addition, the spells protecting the entrance to Howling Stones have weakened, and adventurers of lesser skill and strength may find its halls now accessible.

Planes of PowerEdit

  • The Plane of Innovation requires that you be level 46 or higher.
  • The Planes of Power flagging guide - Note: This is now mostly obsolete, as being level 62 or higher will get you into almost all of the Planes of Power zones.

The Serpent's SpineEdit

Removed the flag requirements for The Serpent's Spine (TSS) expansion raids to enter the raid zones as long as you are level 74 or higher. The person requesting the raids will still be required to have the proper flags to request the raid. - Patch December 23, 2008.

Secrets of FaydwerEdit

Zones with key or flag requirements will now unlock themselves automatically when later expansions open (on standard and progression servers). Meldrath's Mansion and Crystallos zones are now unlocked on standard servers.

— Patch Notes for April 13, 2011

Seeds of DestructionEdit

Korafax, Lair of the Riders (Kuua) and Discord Tower are locked until you complete The Void "E".

Sanctus SeruEdit

Access to Lord SeruEdit

When you port in with Arx key, turn left and go up first staircase. When you come to the first lobby at the top of the stairs, bear left (south) and head all the way down the corridor. You come to another lobby. There is a room directly ahead. Open the door and go in. On the left wall is a bookcase. Immediately after the bookcase the wall is fake. Pass through it to a similar room. Exit the room by its door and dead ahead is the clicky-portal to get to the start of the maze.


File:Seru maze.png