The Ruins of KunarkEdit


The Scars of VeliousEdit

The Shadows of LuclinEdit

The Planes of PowerEdit

The Legacy of YkeshaEdit

Lost Dungeons of NorrathEdit

Gates of DiscordEdit

Omens of WarEdit

Dragons of NorrathEdit

Depths of DarkhollowEdit

Prophecy of RoEdit

The Serpent's SpineEdit

The Buried SeaEdit

  • Barren Coast
  • Blacksail Folly
  • Deadbone Reef
  • Jardel's Hook
  • Jewel of Atiiki (level 75)
  • [Katta Castrum]
  • Maiden's Grave (level 70)
  • Monkey Rock (level 65)
  • Redfeather Isle (level 70)
  • Silyssar, New Chelsith (level 75, locked zone requiring a mission arc to access)
  • Solteris, the Throne of Ro
  • Suncrest Isle (level 75)
  • Thalassius, the Coral Keep (level 75)
  • The Open Sea
  • Zhisza, the Shissar Sanctuary (level 75)

Secrets of FaydwerEdit

  • Bloodmoon Keep
  • Bloodmoon Keep: Bronzebeard's Fate
  • Bloodmoon Keep: Crazok's Throne
  • Bloodmoon Keep: Moonfang
  • Bloodmoon Keep: Ralkor's Crystal Prison
  • Bloodmoon Keep: The Bloodmoon
  • Bloodmoon Keep: The Broodmother
  • Bloodmoon Keep: The Dark Crystals
  • Bloodmoon Keep: The Departed
  • Bloodmoon Keep: The Fanged Moon
  • Bloodmoon Keep: Walking Into Spider Webs
  • Crypt of Shade
  • Crystallos, Lair of the Awakened
  • Crystallos: Raid Instance
  • Deepscar's Den
  • Dragonscale Hills
  • Fortress Mechanotus
  • Gyrospire Beza
  • Gyrospire Beza: End the Return
  • Gyrospire Beza: How Does Your Garden Grow
  • Gyrospire Beza: It's All in Your Head
  • Gyrospire Beza: Sand in the Gears
  • Gyrospire Beza: Scout Gyrospire Beza
  • Gyrospire Zeka
  • Gyrospire Zeka: Cut Off the Head
  • Gyrospire Zeka: Did We Forget the Cheese
  • Gyrospire Zeka: Intelligence Gathering
  • Gyrospire Zeka: To Climb a Spire
  • Gyrospire Zeka: You Might Poke an Eye Out
  • Hills of Shade
  • Loping Plains
  • Meldrath's Majestic Mansion
  • Meldrath's Mansion: Raid Instance
  • S.H.I.P. Workshop
  • S.H.I.P. Workshop: Administrative Assassination
  • S.H.I.P. Workshop: Deception and Interception
  • S.H.I.P. Workshop: Mechalossus
  • S.H.I.P. Workshop: S.H.I.P Sabotage!
  • S.H.I.P. Workshop: Tactical Teleportation
  • The Mechamatic Guardian: Disposing of Things
  • The Mechamatic Guardian: Engine Room
  • The Mechamatic Guardian: Mechamatic Memory
  • The Mechamatic Guardian: Security, Yeah Right
  • The Mechamatic Guardian: Solo Tasks
  • The Mechamatic Guardian: Tracking the Steamworks
  • The Steam Factory
  • The Steam Factory: Raid Instance
  • Tinmizer's Wunderwerks

Seeds of DestructionEdit


  • Arthicrex
  • Brell's Arena
  • Brell's Rest
  • Brell's Temple
  • Fungal Forest
  • Kernagir, The Shining City
  • Lair of the Fallen (Dragoncrypt) - Accessible only through a Legends of Norrath item.
  • Lichen Creep
  • Pellucid Grotto
  • The Convorteum
  • The Cooling Chamber
  • The Foundation
  • The Underquarry
  • Volska's Husk (Stonesnake)
  • Wedding Chapel

House of ThuleEdit

  • Al'Kabor's Nightmare
  • Erudin Burning
  • Fear Itself
  • Feerrott, the Dream
  • House of Thule
  • Miragul's Nightmare
  • Miragul's Phylactery - This is the zone for the the raid instance The Force of Eternity. The geometry is different than the regular Miragul's Nightmare.
  • Morell's Castle
  • Sanctum Somnium
  • The Grounds
  • The Library
  • The Upper Floors
  • The Well

Veil of AlarisEdit

  • Argath, Bastion of Ildaera
  • Beast Domain
  • Erillion, the City of Bronze
  • Pillars of Alra
  • Rubak Oseka, Temple of the Sea
  • Sarith, City of Tides
  • Temple of Splendor
  • The Resplendent Temple